Using the Waves C6

So, I have started using the Waves C6 multi-band compressor in my mixes over the weekend on vocals and on bass also. The great thing about the C6 is that you can have specific bands of the compressor react to the side-chain. I used this to give the bass drum a bit of extra room in the mix. I sent the bass drum to the side chain of the C6 which was inserted on the bass track and only allowed it to trigger the low frequencies of the compressor. So the whole bass sound was not being compressed by the C6 when triggered by the bass drum, just the low end. This opened up a bit of space in the mix for the bass drum to cut through, without dipping the entire bass sound. It was subtle, which is what I wanted, but it worked. I may do a video to demonstrate it later in the week.

Hope you all had a good weekend!

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