Rock School Music Production Grades

Completion of these grades will provide you with a large amount of technical, practical and theoretical knowledge. You can then apply what you have learned in the real world, in areas such as audio production, electronic music production, mixing, editing, mastering or sound for media.

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Hear from previous students

Richard is a very good teacher. He has patience and enthusiasm for the subject he taught me in (Film Scoring) and I would happily take another course with him. 

He showed so much support that he even came to see my theatre and music show and turned it into a class outing.

I use several of his techniques now in my film scoring and he gave me so much more confidence to call myself a ‘composer’. 

Tom Adams

“Richard Edwards teaches with great encouragement and support. I learnt a lot about scoring for film through Richard’s enthusiastic and committed style of teaching, with a wealth of knowledge about current available music software and a great knowledge of the film industry. He structured the course so that we also experienced creating music to the visual stimuli provided, something integral to this practical film scoring course. I thoroughly enjoyed Richard’s classes and I wish I had the time to attend another course ran by him.”

Lillian Henley

Film Composing Webinar

 “This is an excellent webinar and detailed guide to composing music for film. Richard carefully explains how to work with defined scales, palettes of sound and effects on instruments to create a powerful and profound piece of music exploring mental health issues.Richard shows how to build up compositions, responding to the pace of the film, it’s changing visual content and dialogue. This webinar is filled with practical tips, essential software techniques and creative guidance-a must for any would-be composers like myself!
Alice Butterton

Film Composing Webinar

“Really enjoyed this webinar. Richard is guiding through his thought process of creating this great score he composed for a mental health art installation. He is talking through his arrangement in his DAW and shows which effects are put on different instruments. It’s a very impressive project and true inspiration for an aspiring composer like me. Definitely worth the time full with great insights and tips.”

Nadja Dudek

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