Presonus unveils new Quantum recording interfaces

Images of new Presonus Quantum interfaces

Presonus has unveiled a new line of Quantum recording interfaces, catering to the needs of both self-made musicians and professional studios. The new lineup includes Quantum ES 2, Quantum ES 4, Quantum HD 2, and Quantum HD 8.

Features for all

All four interfaces boast MAX-HD mic preamps, delivering exceptional audio quality with pristine clarity and detail. Additionally, they all feature high-performance converters, ensuring accurate and transparent signal reproduction. USB-C connectivity provides a robust and versatile connection for seamless integration with your computer.

Quantum ES: For the modern musician

The Quantum ES 2 and Quantum ES 4 are perfect for self-made musicians and audio creators. With a compact and portable design, they are ideal for space-saving setups. Whether you are recording vocals, guitars, or electronic instruments, these interfaces provide the pristine audio quality you need to capture your creativity.

Quantum HD: Gear up for the studio

The Quantum HD 2 and Quantum HD 8 are designed for professional studios, offering a comprehensive set of features to meet the demands of demanding recording sessions. They come with a suite of software tools, including Studio One Pro Perpetual License and 12-month Studio One+ Hybrid Membership, providing everything you need to produce professional-quality recordings.

Quantum: Unleash your sonic potential

With the launch of the new Quantum series, Presonus has provided musicians and audio creators with a powerful and versatile recording solution. Whether you are a self-made musician recording at home or a professional working in a studio, there’s a Quantum interface that perfectly suits your needs.