Orchestral Tools have released a new sample player, the Sine player. This features their own brand new codec called Sine Performance Compression. It is designed for super high performance sample streaming and compression. In addition to this, Orchestral Tools, who have recently collaborated on sound libraries with Jeff Russo, Harry Gregson Williams, Tom Holkenborg and Richard Harvey, have now collaborated with Berklee College of Music to create a virtual orchestra that can be used on Berklee’s own courses. This makes it a tailor made resource which matches the requirements of their courses. It will be rolled out to be ready for the start of the autumn/fall term 2021.

In addition to this, they have released the new Berlin Symphonic Strings which features round robin legato patches and an improved rapid legato for fast moving melodic lines.

They have also decided to increase their educational discount to 40% from January 2021 for all Orchestral Tools Collections. For details on this go to: https://www.orchestraltools.com/edu

For full details about all of their new developments, including the beautiful sounding Berlin Symphonic Strings, watch their event here