Mixing with Avid Pro Tools 11

So, I’ve spent most of the day mixing the first song of a 4 track EP by the band Hey Gigantic, my first mix in Pro Tools 11. I have to say that the increase in CPU performance just blew me away, even on my 2009 Mac Pro. Finally… offline bounce! I will check out all the other workflow enhancements as I progress through the mixing of the EP.

Also got to try out the Vibe EQ by Stillwell Audio. They have just updated all of their plugins to 64 bit and have an AAX version for Pro Tools. The Vibe EQ is a good name for it as that is what it adds…Vibe!  It’s definitely not a clinical EQ and added a nice richness to the kick and snare of the drum kit. At only $39 dollars, there really is no reason NOT to buy it!!

I would also recommend checking out the company Samplicity who make Impulse Reponses for Convolution reverbs such as Altiverb, Space Designer in Logic and Space (formerly TL Space) in Pro Tools. I used several of their impulse responses on the mix I was working on today. They provide you with a few taster files for certain well known reverb units and I will probably be purchasing the full versions of these. They also provide a free set of impulse response files for the Bricasti M7.

I will let you know how I get on with the rest of the mixing and Pro tools 11 soon.

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