Introducing iZotope RX11


Are you tired of dealing with common audio problems that ruin your recordings? If so, then you need to check out RX 11, the latest and greatest audio repair software from iZotope. RX 11 is a powerful tool that can help you fix a wide range of audio issues, from clicks and pops to hum and hiss.

What Can RX 11 Do?

RX 11 is packed with a variety of features that can help you improve the quality of your audio recordings. Some of the most notable features include:


      • Spectral Repair: This tool allows you to identify and remove unwanted sounds from your recordings, such as clicks, pops, and crackle.

      • Hum Reduction: This tool can help you eliminate hum and buzz from your recordings, which is often caused by electrical interference.

      • Mouth De-click: This tool is specifically designed to remove clicks caused by mouth noises, such as plosives.

      • Dialogue Isolate: This tool can help you isolate dialogue from background noise, which is essential for film, television, and video game production.

    Who is RX 11 For?

    RX 11 is a versatile tool that can be used by a wide range of audio professionals, including:


        • Musicians: Musicians can use RX 11 to clean up their recordings and make them sound their best.

        • Audio Engineers: Audio engineers can use RX 11 to fix audio problems in recordings for film, television, and video games.

        • Podcasters: Podcasters can use RX 11 to improve the audio quality of their podcasts.

        • Videographers: Videographers can use RX 11 to clean up the audio in their videos.


      If you’re looking for a powerful and versatile audio repair software, then RX 11 is the perfect solution. With its wide range of features, RX 11 can help you fix any audio problem you throw at it.

      Izotope RX 11: Key Features


          • Spectral Repair

          • Hum Reduction

          • Mouth De-click

          • Dialogue Isolate

        Benefits of Using Izotope RX 11


            • Improve the quality of your audio recordings

            • Fix a wide range of audio problems

            • Make your recordings sound their best

          Who Should Use Izotope RX 11


              • Musicians

              • Audio Engineers

              • Podcasters

              • Videographers

            Try Izotope RX 11 Today!

            Izotope RX 11 is available in three versions: Elements, Standard, and Advanced. Each version includes a different number of plugins. You can find more information and try a free demo on the iZotope website.