So… I’ve been looking at what the new operating systems for desktop and mobile devices offer us (yes, I’m a bit behind). I’m not sure I need to answer calls and texts from my computer but I do have two screens at the studio. I could have the phone call on one and continue working on the other! I’m sure that as soon as I have the new OS I will be texting away from my computer like everyone else!

I do like the improvements to iCloud, now iCloud Drive. It has gone back to the way iDisk used to work before it was replaced. You will be able to store any file on your computer and mobile devices in the cloud instead of the limited selection we get now and the prices for extra storage seem reasonable. Again, another free operating system from Apple. Can’t complain I guess! You can find out more details here:
(Scroll down on both pages for more info)

I think these days, due to all the previous leaps in computer technology, it’s hard to do something really groundbreaking.

What do you guys think?

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